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Please comment and fave my work ^^ and feel free to check out my Gallery ^^
Let me know what your favorite pictures are too ^^
and feel free to ask questions ^^



This is wonderfully exceptional Piece. It realy provides a sad and emotional Story of Nicole's new Origan for this Alternate scenario. ...

Sutch a Breath takeing vision It's a whole other world I wish to explore and see more of, a Majestic light filled Wonder land of Beuty ...

Oh man I never even did one of these for an animation before. Well it is cute, and you have to have talent to be able to do Animation ^...

OOOOOOOO WOW WOW WOW! THIS IS ImPRESIVE! the sinister grin the evil eyes, the shadeing the lighting the contrast! it is super amazing! ...

So many forms of great art. but I Realy love to add some realy good ones to my page. and there are some I'd realy like to Critique and give my honest thought on what I think about them ^^

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not gonna tell
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Brown hair
Hazel eyes
where's glasses
OC's: Myself but as a mutant AKA tHUNDERAKNIs with the powers of a spider, a wolf and some exta ablilities, Stipala Gal( don't ask), Flip Twig the dwarth, Zack, the frog man,Six theother spider wolf, Captain Black scar. Doctor Dronek, Komodo devil, and Cornilous the son of Dronek, and many more

RP's mainly as Basil in my group
I'm 5'7" or is it 5"7'
I'm part Cherikee, Irish, English, French ect...
Hey guys sorry if I'm not on a lot much these days however when ever I get the chance I'll get on here
Excepecialy since it's Febuary and that means 2 days my birthday and 2 days before that Valentines day.
In real life I'm single but as ReaverPan in the universe of the Mighty Thunderaknid, I have a Girfriend named Wendy CHymes. She's an old friend of Reavers and dureing a time when they were takeing a break he has had other love interests. sucth as Six.
And do Keep in mid I'm straight so they would all be girls. Anyways I'm curias How would YOUR oc'S ENTERACT WITH MINE? Some of you have already done this as we RP but that is a basic question I have for everyone. another question is Who Would you ship me with if not with Wendy Chymes? can't be a child unless I'm a child too. needs to be somewhere around my age and I am currently going to be 27 this year. However for this little ordeal I can be any age that is required for the shipping or enteraction of any kind. Like a fight or introduction or rescue or whatever is in mind. It doesn't even have to be Oc's it can be charecters of media or games and so 0n.
and oh do please check this teaser rough draft out for a pick I hope I can have ready for this monmth
Wendy\'s Rival
and also let me know what you all think of this one I did earlier around last month Chibi Wendy by ReaverPanChibi Wendy


I felt like going back to the good old fashioned  creative looking Continental maps that have a strange but cool looking Geogrophy. They are just more fun to make than the ones that have to fit like puzzle pieces. What about the concpet of them simply changing over time? new land masses being formed or eroded away? Well that'sd one concpet but what about this a Rift? What if there was a rift in reality and several differant smaller words from differant universe where to cross over and get glued together in a world mashing event. It wouldn't be a big explosive mess though like planet coliding. No the reality would be bent dureing this merger makeing space it'sef like water enter mixing. Once the effects ware off though there could still be some events like continents bashing into one another and such. I already forgot whatever Lore I might of been thinking of when makeing this because when I made not long after had the enternet wne t buggy and so for a while I haven't been on here. So there is plenty room now to speculate how this world formed and what sort of inhabitants live on it.
The World merger idea I recently thought of we'll call the Daisy Globe Effect. Becuase it would feel like to everyone on the new globe like new worlds are popping up everywhere like daisies. Scientists would probbaly be verry confused by the whoe fanominon because it would defy physics, but this is a higher form of physics that may involv higher dimentions so it tosses the norm out the window and one needs to be alittle more Open minded.
I have a name for a universal effect where the Laws of the Universe may suddeny be changed either temporarily or perminantly. I call it the Jackfix Scenario where all of the sudden something completely scince defying or Universe changing occures and things change in some great way. Like a new race of people just popping out of Blue with no origan of any sort, Or some of the worlds countires are suddenly on a sepperate Planet with new continents and such leaving new land in the place. In this case The JackFix Sceanario involves the Daisy Globe effect but the exxact size of this world and the worlds that make it and the laws and phisics and people and life forms that define it are not yet specified. This map doesn't even have to go with any of the said scenarios I just felt like adding them with this Map.
Here I simply drew a World map without any background or color or base, just a drawn out image where ojne should be to tell what is Land and what is Water.
If your in the mood for something more unique you could even reverse the norm of where the water and land realy are. However don't think Thast I'm getting lazzie I simply had no time to do more here and honestly decided I wanted the Map this way. If I make a version that's more defineing and gives a world to be known then I will.
iF OR wHEN i MAKE an actual world for this Map I'd like to atleast have some kind of Lore to it  as I like to just do that with my said maps. The Origans might be differant though but I hope this maop and it's definitions and idieals listed here inspire readers of what sort of bakcground and Lore to give there worlds.
I admit Elderscrolls may have had a part of inspireing this Map so I could always take ideals I have that invole that and use it with this. Like what if Elderscrolls 6 was not only takeing place after Skyrim but Involved time periods like the days of Napolian or Queen Sofia or what about the World wars? What if we got introduced to more new creatures inspired fro differant lores and myths from around the world? My brother disagress that this would ever happen. So who knows one could make a world with a history inspired by Elderscrolls and other franchises but add alot more history to it. The Panensuala's just east of the coast of the far west coniitnent arledy look like they could houst some kind of european inspired nations. However who's to say there would be those kinds of nations there. The Penenisual sticking out from the west of the far right large continent and bridgeing to the middle one could verry well host any form of nation inspired from anything. Not to mention the  3 Seas in the middle of the Great Middle continent that seam to deivde it into an east and west.

For now I will have to do some thinking on the Lore and history of this world. Please comment if you like this little map or even have any ideas  or h9istorical events that play around in your mind. And for my frineds that like to imagion history or alternate earth history don't be afriad to give me your idea scenarios  that may pertain to any remote spot on the map.
Made with DeviantArt muro
Wendy\'s Rival, colored

Well here's a colored version of the Wendy and her Rival. Wendy to the right and her Rival to the Left. So this is just a teaser but I plan to eventualy add alot more like the Bodies and MYSELF of course. I gave Wendy's Rival a green apparel but it can still be changed. Still don't have a name for the Red haired Rival.
So I'm up for suggestions on the Rival's name just don't name her MINDY XD. The reason is because there's some I know with an evil girl who is a rival for his charecter and she's also red headed  and goes by Mindy. note to self put link in discription. But yeah the Girl of hte Left will not by any means be called Mindy, not that I can't give her that name it's just it might get akward and all so I'm going to avoid the confusion And it would be rather Ironic if I named her Wendy because then Wendy would have a rival named Wendy. a TADF Hilarius but still  pLEASE lIST SOME NAMES DOWN Below.
A. The Rival Girl.
1. Rival's first name
2. Rival's Last name
3. Rival's middle name
4.  How Wendy and Reaver know her
B. Suggest a location./ Background
1 Grey? or plain background with any color?
2.What for of actual background.
C. ReaverPan's form
1. Human ( I may simply go with this one but I'm putting the options here anyways to see iuf anyones wants the other options.)
2. Semi Human wolf form
3. Thunderaknid form
4.Other? I'm not real sure on this one XD.
D. Other Suggestions

Made with DeviantArt muro here's the origanly sketch



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